Comincia DUCALIC ROCK! un programma di Radio Eustachio giunto alla puntata numero 4. Veronetta, domenica 25 giugno 2017..Canzoni: CrockRockSteady-CHOCKING VICTIM, Jolene-ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES, Robocop is a Halfbreed Sellout-TBR, Rubber Room-THE LILLINGTONS, Womananarchist-BAD COP BAD COP, Haunted House-TBR, PleasePlay this Song on The Radio-NOFX, American Jesus-BAD RELIGION, Chemical Ability-DIRECT HIT!, Number One-The Queers, All my friends are drugs addicts-ASKING FOR IT, Anarchy Camp-NOFX, All I hear is static-THE LILLINGTONS, The way it is-ZERO DOWN, Three to the beach-DEAR LANDLORD, Beach ’90-DEE CRACKS, Boredom Addict-DIRECT HIT!, Infinite Pills Infinite Alchols-DIRECT HIT!

Ducalic Rock!

In onda Domenica dalle 15:00 alle 16:00 e in replica Mercoledì dalle 20:00 alle 21:00.
Ogni domenica dalle 15 circa l'appuntamento fisso con il punk rock è qui su Radio Eustachio con DucalicRock! Editoriale Le [...]

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